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Mushlabs is a biotech company using fermentation to create the next generation of sustainable foods from the roots of mushrooms.


Food that makes sense.

We grow mushroom mycelium to create delicious and healthy raw ingredients for meat alternative products. Our mission is to produce nutritious and sustainable foods that appeal to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. We believe in a food system that provides accessible nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.

So much more than just replacing meat.


Delicious and Natural Taste.

Mushrooms have the natural umami, the satisfying savoury taste that is characteristic of cooked meats and broths. We leverage these natural flavoring compounds in mushrooms to produce foods with honest yet delectable flavor profiles.


Superior Nutrition.

Just like meat, our products provide complete protein with all essential amino acids. Unlike meat, our products are packed with dietary fiber and antioxidants, contain no cholesterol and produced without hormones or antibiotics.


Planet Friendly.

Our process uses significantly less water and land than the traditional meat industry to produce the same amount of protein. We feed the mushroom cells with the side streams of agro- and food industries making our process highly circular and sustainable.


 An Ancient Technology from Nature

We make delicious foods rich in protein, fiber and umami taste by fermenting side streams of food and agro industries with mushroom mycelia. In large fermenters, we harness the power of biology perfected over millions of years.


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