Unlocking the potential of the fungal kingdom as a food source.

Mushlabs is a technology-driven company that produces food from edible mushroom mycelia. Our fermentation platform allows us to unlock the potential of an overlooked kingdom of life - fungi - as a foodsource. Mushlabs is dedicated to building solutions that change the way we consume food, by producing food that is good to our senses, our bodies and our planet.



Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way people eat by producing tastier, healthier and more sustainable foods. We believe in the power of biotechnology in disrupting the food industry and we want to bring about a meaningful and lasting change to our food system through our fermentation platform.


Our Vision

We envision an equitable and sustainable food system that is able to provide healthy nutrition for the ever-expanding population on our planet. We believe in the possibility of a much more efficient, circular and waste-free food system that provides an even fuller array of sensory experiences and healthier nutrients.


Passionate about making a lasting change to the global food system?



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Press contact

For media inquiries and other press related matters please contact us at hello@mushlabs.com