Our food system is broken

“Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted.”

— Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations



A technology inspired by nature

We look for answers in one of the most efficient and self-sustaining food system that we know: the forest soils. In a natural ecosystem, nutrients are recycled. The waste products are up-cycled by the decomposers in the soils. Fungi’s extensive mycelial network in the soils acting as a giant digestive system in forests, making Fungi one of the most efficient decomposers on our planet.

Our solution uses the same mycelial cells to up-cycle nutrients in the side-streams of agro- and food industries into delicious and nutritious biomass, restoring the circularity to our modern food system.



Our process in a nutshell



We take pieces of mushroom mycelia (roots) and cultivate them in a controlled and optimal environment. These serve as the “seed” for the final biomass we eventually harvest.



We feed the mycelium with side streams of agro-and food industries. In large bioreactors, the mushroom mycelial cells ferment the side streams and multiply. This biological process accumulates delicious and healthy biomass rich in protein and dietary fiber.



The harvested biomass serves as the main raw ingredient for all our products. Our process ends with delicious, healthy and sustainable everyday foods that replace the meat on your plate.


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